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Excerpt from "Blue Dreamer" from PALM IN MIRROR


Song for the Other Side



Unbroken tree



Taran Wanderer




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"Granicha is a production tour de force: this album is a massive, complexly structured, genre-hopping, multi-layered monster featuring everything from rappers to operatic sopranos, yet somehow it all holds together and sounds consistently assured, crisp, and vibrant. " - Anthony D'Amico, Brainwashed (Nov 01 2014)

"Granicha is monstrously complex with layers of instrumentation, percussion and vocals all weaving together, forming an intricate blanket of imagery." - Kamryn Feigel, SLUG Magazine (Jul 24 2014)

"On Madoc, Disparition (aka Jon Bernstein) uses the repetitive structures of minimalism and the driving beats of techno/trance music to wrap the listener in a heavy density of sound." - John Shanahan, Hypnagogue (Oct 11 2013)

"Madoc is a constantly shifting journey that keeps the attention by weaving colorful new worlds." - Nayt Keane, A Closer Listen (Dec 19 2013)

"Neukrk is a slideshow in sound, each track a new vista and a new approach, each with its own way to grab you." - John Shanahan, Hypnagogue (Jul 15 2011)